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recomended song

It is a long time i did not write here. Now, i will write about a song. Can you guess what it is? This song is sang by many popular singer, female, with the good voice. It is like collaboration.

The song is..... ‘Just Stand Up’ !!
Firstly i’ll give you the lyrics that i copied from http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/artistsstanduptocancer/juststandup.html

"Just Stand Up!"
(feat. Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Rihanna, Sheryl Crow, Fergie, Leona Lewis, Keyshia Cole, Miley Cyrus, LeAnn Rimes, Natasha Bedingfield, Melissa Etheridge, Mary J. Blige, Ciara, Mariah Carey, Ashanti)

[Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Nicole Scherzinger:]
Everything will be alright yeah
Alright yeah, alright yeah
The heart is stronger than you think
Like it could go through anything
And even when you think it can't
It finds a way to still push on though
[Carrie Underwood:]
Sometimes you want to run away
Ain't got the patience for the pain
And if you don't believe it look into your heart
The beat goes on
I'm telling you
[Miley Cyrus:]
Things get better
If you fall,
Dust it off,
Don't let up
Don't you know you can go be your own miracle
You need to know!
If the mind keeps thinking you've had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don't give up
Who are we to be questioning, wondering what is what?
Don't give up, through it all, just stand up
Ooh, it's like we all had better days
Problems getting all up in your face
[Leona Lewis:]
Just because you go through it
Don't mean it got to take control, no oh oh
[Leona Lewis:]
You ain't got to find no hiding place
[Keyshia Cole:]
Because the heart can beat the hate
[Leona Lewis:]
Don't want to let the mind keep playing you
And saying you can't go on
I'm telling you
[Miley Cyrus:]
Things get better
If you fall
Dust if off
Don't let up
[Natasha Bedingfield:]
Don't you know
You can go
Be your own
You need to know!
If the mind keeps thinking you've had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don't give up
Who are we to be questioning, wondering what is what?
Don't give up, through it all, just stand up
Through it all, just stand up
[Mary J. Blige:]
You don't got to be a prisoner in your mind
If you fall, dust it off
You can live your life
Let your heart be your guide
Yeah yeah yeah
[Mariah Carey:]
You will know there's a good if you trust the good
Everything will be alright, yeah
Light up the dark, if you follow your heart
And it will get better
Through whatever
If the mind keeps thinking you've had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don't give up
Who are we to be questioning, wondering what is what?
Don't give up, through it all, just stand up
You got it in you, find it within
You got it in you, find it within yeah
You got it in you, find it within
You got it in you, find it within yeah
You got it in you, find it within
You got it in you, find it within yeah
Find it within you, find it within

Through it all, just stand up

Just Stand Up is a charity song to fundraising for the cancer patient. this song made after a meeting between American songwriter and producer Antonio "L.A." Reid and the founder of Stand Up to Cancer.

The song released on August 21, 2008. The song was performed live on ABC , NBC , CBS on September 5 , 2008. The song was re-released as an album consisting of original studio version and live video on one TV or program named " FASHION ROCK " .

This song tells us not to give up in facing our problem . Life will continue and we must be strong and wake up to face the problems instead of running away from the problem and give up . The problem is not how you fall but how you get up from your downfall . Most people always complaining how could they fall to the problem that they are facing , most of them still thinking about the causes of their failure , even though they are supposed to think about how they get up from their failures.

why i choose this song? because i like the meaning of this song, the lyrics is meaning-full, and the arrangement is good. 

so, Through it all, just stand up~

thank you for reading

here's the video for you

Minggu, 28 Februari 2016

Education To Build A Better Future For All

Education To Build A Better Future For All

Education is important for everyone. Why? Because education can build people’s character, education can meke people be a good person, etc.education is not just about score that you got at school. But also about what you got or you learned for your future. Education is also about skills, beliefs, and habbits.

A good education system is when the students can understand the concept not just memorizing the theory.i ever heard that math concept can teach us to solve our problem inn daily life. In my opinion if a sutudent feel burdened with the test, exam, or maybe homework, the student cannot study well because they just memorizing the theory not to understanding the concept.

I ever read that when a student get so many homework. I is just make them lazoer, because they feel confusse what they have to do first. Sometimes a student can get homework from more than 3 teachers with the different subject.

How can we build a better future for all?
The answer is hard study, and hord work. why studying? Because when we are smarter,  we can get the problem solver for so many problem in daily life. why working? Because if we jast stay or we do not do anything, nothing is happen. And the changing is impossible

So, what is good education system?
In my opinion, good education sytem is when we can learn without feel burdenedWhen we can understand not only memorized. But not everyone has the ability and learn the same way. sometimes i thought,  would this 14 subject be useful for my future? Would it be useful in my job? So that education should be based on a person's interest, if a person learn his interest, he would enjoy in their learning, and will be able to explore and increase their potential.

that's all from me~
sorry for so many mistakes

Minggu, 24 Januari 2016


i'm back again~
now, i will tell you about one of the most beautiful structure in the world.

The National Library of Belarus is one of the most unique designed library ever created. it founded on September 15, 1922. It is located on the city’s central thoroughfare in Minsk’s northeast at 116 Nezavisimosti Avenue. 
The library was originally part of Belarusian State and University. Four years later after being built on May 14, 1926  the library broke away from the university and became an independent institution.

The library's new building was designed by architects Mihail Vinogradov and Viktor Kramarenko. In January 2006, the renovation of the library was complete. The National Library of Belarus was opened by the Belarus President on 16 June 2006. This building has 22 floors, 500 seat conference hall, and it can contain 2000 visitors. Its main architectural component has the shape of a rhombicuboctahedron (diamond). it took 13 years to get the daring design approved and implemented.

The building with 72-meter (236 feet) high is located in the park zone of the Slepyanka River and greenery system. The central entrance looks like an open book with pictures to highlight the development of the global written language and the Slavonic one as well as a quote in 19 languages from Frantsisk Skorina’s Bible that encourages people to learn.

The National Library of Belarus is the central point for information throughout the entire country. It has more than 8 millions items. It is the largest collection in Belarusian, and the third largest collection in Russia. It has 2 millions resources available for public such as :
þ  bibliographies
þ  factual graphics
þ  full-texts
þ  graphics
þ  sound
þ  a language database
þ  humanities
þ  social sciences
þ  history
þ  art
þ  culture of Belarus

On the first floor you can find the information and registration desk, a tour office in the entrance hall. At the top there is an observation deck. That can use to see the view in Minsk. The area in front of the library is used for many public concerts and shows. In the library there is a restaurant too with stylish interior design. It is located in the ground floor. The main part of the collections is located on ten floors of the storage facility. The Library offers various kinds of educational tours: 
  • a tour of the Library involving the Book Museum
  • a tour Minsk at a Glance with a visit to theskydeck
  • excursions in the Book Museum
  • an excursion for kids Birthday in the Library

The Library comprises:
  •  20 reading halls (seats for 2,000, over 1,500 computerized seats)
  •  the storage facility (designed to store 14 million units or 14% of Belarus’ total book collection)
  • the sociocultural center
  • the center for international meetings and negotiations (the Oval Room and the Round Room, an international press center, an office of the Belarus President)
  • departments (services for visitors, compilation of information resources, scientific and publishing activities)
  •  engineering and technical services

In the evening the building’s facade is converted into a multicolored LED screen consisting of over 4,500 light sources. It can produce over 20 light effect schemes using over 65,000 colors. It is the country’s largest means of advertising.

The fastest way to get to the National Library is using the Minsk metro to get to the Vostok station (the first line). You can also use ground means of transportation: buses and trolleybuses to get to the stops Natsionalnaya Biblioteka or Ulitsa Filimonova.

That's all from me
thank's for reading~

source :

Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Holiday!

i want to tell you about my holiday. enjoy!

this holiday is my first holiday since i study in SMAN 3 Bandung. the holiday began when my friends and i took our report card. fortunately my score was good enough, so, i didn't have to studyed at school on my holiday.  my holiday is almost 3 weeks 24th December 2015 until 10th January 2016. but, i didn't have any plans. i thought that i would stay at home, or went to my grandmother's house or hanged out with my friends.

so, first day on my holiday i just stayed at home. but, evidently my cousin from Batam came to Bandung. the last time i saw her was when i was 2 years old. so, i didn't remember her face. she said that she studied in Jakarta and she wanted to visit Bandung. so, she came alone. because of my cousin had not meet our big family . so, we brought her to visit them. 

i was very happy because my father came too from Pontianak.

the second day since my cousin came, we went to my grand mother's house in Ciwidey. we stayed there for 1 night. the next day, we went to my grandmother's father's grave. after that, we went to my grand father's grave in Cianjur. next, we went to Karawang and Jakarta to visit our family.

i think this was the busiest holiday because i had to bought some stuff for my sister. she would moving to Jakarta because she got her job there. and i had to went to Jakarta too.

my cousin in Bandung for about 1 week. after that, she went back to Batam. 

the last week on my holiday i took a course. and practiced angklung in KPA SMAN 3 Bandung.
on 10th January 2016 the holiday was over, so i have to go to school again.

thank's for reading~

Jumat, 27 November 2015

where to visit in INDONESIA

it's been a long time I did not write here.. so now i will tell you about a place. this place is located in Bandung, Indonesia. and the place is............

                                                          SRI BADUGA MUSEUM

Sri Baduga Museum is located in JL. Peta, in frontof the Bandung Lautan Api Monumen, or usually called tegalega. this museum is big, but just a few visitors visit this place. but for me this place is very clean and comfortable.

to entry this museum, you have to buy the ticket, it costs Rp2000,00 for children and Rp3000,- for adult, that's cheap enough for me.

outside the museum there is a replica of the stone inscriptions from Tarumanagara kingdom.

inscription Ciaruteun

the incription said : 
vikkrantasyavanipat eh
srimatah purnnavarmmanah
visnoriva padadvayam

"This (sign) a pair of feet like the feet of Lord Vishnu (preserver) is a noble palm of the Purnnawarmman, king in the land of Taruma, valiant king of the world".

no, lets go into the museum, the first floor is the part for the prehistory. in this floor, there is a replica of cave. and inside the cave, there is a replica of a rehistory human. there is some inscription and fossil too.

first floor

the second floor, is the part for the traditional equipment, on the picture, there is an equiment to catch fish, and an equipment to bring the fish.

second floor

the last is the third floor, third floor is the part for the traditional music instrument. there are bonang, goong, saron, and etc.

third floor

alright, that's all from me, sorry if there is a mistake
thank you for reading~~

Minggu, 27 September 2015


today i want to tell you about one of my school's event. it is Gamarvani, Gamarvani is a culture festival in Bandung. the name Gamarvani was taken from 'gama' means journey and 'parvani' means moon, so, gamarvani means a journey to moon. it was taken from a folktale in Indonesia, called 'nyai anteh'. Gamarvani was purpose to tell the teenager about the culture in Bandung.

gamarvani was held on september 19th, 2015. gamarvani was organized by SMAN 3 bandung's student. the ticket prize was Rp. 40.000,- until Rp. 50.000,-. it started at 10am. but, before the gate's opened, there was a parade.

At 10am, the gate opened, there were 15 foodstands, 12 foodtrucks, traditional foods, and community stands. although it was still 10 am, it was very hot. but fortunately, there were so many drinks that sold there, so i could bought some cold drink, as opening there were performance from some cultural communities. like traditional dance, traditional martial arts, and traditional music. the visitors began to come at 12 pm.
at 1 pm, i went out from gamarvani because i had another assigment to do. 

at about 4 pm, i came back to gamarvani because my another assigment has done. at that time there were performance from MK (classical Music), and TsT (tiloe's theater) it was so wonderful. TsT performed a story from Nyai Anteh, that become theme of gamarvani. 

at Gamarvani, i met my friends from Junior High School, i was so happy, we talked about our daily life in our new school, and of course, we took some pictures there.

back to gamarvani, at 6 pm, the atmosphere was very crowded, i never thought that it could be this crowded. i was amazed by the atmosphere. especialy in front of the stage, so many people stood there, and the committee started increasing the securities, why? because.. we.. waited.. for.. the main performance.

and a few minutes later, the peoples started to crowd, because the main performance has began.
it began with ADERA, he sang some songs, he played guitar too. it was amazing.

but, not too long after that, i felt pain on my foot, it might because i stood for long time, so, i thought that i had to went home, so, i went home at 8 pm.

i couldnt continioud to enjoy the show, but my friend told me that the performance after adera was more crowded, it was HiVi! i wish i could be there too, but, if i stayed for more time that night, i think i couldnt do the activity on Sunday. 

that's all that i can tell you guys.
thank you for reading~~

anyway, these are some photos that my friends and i took in gamarvani

p.s : sorry for my bad grammar :(

Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

a simple chat

now i want to post my simple chat with my friend, Erin.

Erin       : "hi Cendy"
Cendy   : "oh, hi Erin! i never thought you'll come"
Erin       : "of course i will come to Angklung Performance"
Cendy   : "haha. so, how was it? what do you think of it?"
Erin       : "it was amazing! you and your groupmates played really great! and all of it was                                     syncronized"
Cendy   : "thank you, Erin! we practiced this piece for a month"
Erin       : "wow! that's amazing!"
Cendy   : " anywas, you look aweome with that shirt and the leather jacket"
Erin       :"thank's a lot Cendy"
Cendy   :" by the way, i've got to go now, the team is holding an after party"
Erin       : "okay, enjoy the party"
Cendy   : "thank's. see you later"
Erin       : " see you"

sorry, that i know it is just a very short chat.

than you for reading~~