Minggu, 28 Februari 2016

Education To Build A Better Future For All

Education To Build A Better Future For All

Education is important for everyone. Why? Because education can build people’s character, education can meke people be a good person, etc.education is not just about score that you got at school. But also about what you got or you learned for your future. Education is also about skills, beliefs, and habbits.

A good education system is when the students can understand the concept not just memorizing the theory.i ever heard that math concept can teach us to solve our problem inn daily life. In my opinion if a sutudent feel burdened with the test, exam, or maybe homework, the student cannot study well because they just memorizing the theory not to understanding the concept.

I ever read that when a student get so many homework. I is just make them lazoer, because they feel confusse what they have to do first. Sometimes a student can get homework from more than 3 teachers with the different subject.

How can we build a better future for all?
The answer is hard study, and hord work. why studying? Because when we are smarter,  we can get the problem solver for so many problem in daily life. why working? Because if we jast stay or we do not do anything, nothing is happen. And the changing is impossible

So, what is good education system?
In my opinion, good education sytem is when we can learn without feel burdenedWhen we can understand not only memorized. But not everyone has the ability and learn the same way. sometimes i thought,  would this 14 subject be useful for my future? Would it be useful in my job? So that education should be based on a person's interest, if a person learn his interest, he would enjoy in their learning, and will be able to explore and increase their potential.

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