Jumat, 27 November 2015

where to visit in INDONESIA

it's been a long time I did not write here.. so now i will tell you about a place. this place is located in Bandung, Indonesia. and the place is............

                                                          SRI BADUGA MUSEUM

Sri Baduga Museum is located in JL. Peta, in frontof the Bandung Lautan Api Monumen, or usually called tegalega. this museum is big, but just a few visitors visit this place. but for me this place is very clean and comfortable.

to entry this museum, you have to buy the ticket, it costs Rp2000,00 for children and Rp3000,- for adult, that's cheap enough for me.

outside the museum there is a replica of the stone inscriptions from Tarumanagara kingdom.

inscription Ciaruteun

the incription said : 
vikkrantasyavanipat eh
srimatah purnnavarmmanah
visnoriva padadvayam

"This (sign) a pair of feet like the feet of Lord Vishnu (preserver) is a noble palm of the Purnnawarmman, king in the land of Taruma, valiant king of the world".

no, lets go into the museum, the first floor is the part for the prehistory. in this floor, there is a replica of cave. and inside the cave, there is a replica of a rehistory human. there is some inscription and fossil too.

first floor

the second floor, is the part for the traditional equipment, on the picture, there is an equiment to catch fish, and an equipment to bring the fish.

second floor

the last is the third floor, third floor is the part for the traditional music instrument. there are bonang, goong, saron, and etc.

third floor

alright, that's all from me, sorry if there is a mistake
thank you for reading~~