Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

a simple chat

now i want to post my simple chat with my friend, Erin.

Erin       : "hi Cendy"
Cendy   : "oh, hi Erin! i never thought you'll come"
Erin       : "of course i will come to Angklung Performance"
Cendy   : "haha. so, how was it? what do you think of it?"
Erin       : "it was amazing! you and your groupmates played really great! and all of it was                                     syncronized"
Cendy   : "thank you, Erin! we practiced this piece for a month"
Erin       : "wow! that's amazing!"
Cendy   : " anywas, you look aweome with that shirt and the leather jacket"
Erin       :"thank's a lot Cendy"
Cendy   :" by the way, i've got to go now, the team is holding an after party"
Erin       : "okay, enjoy the party"
Cendy   : "thank's. see you later"
Erin       : " see you"

sorry, that i know it is just a very short chat.

than you for reading~~

Minggu, 16 Agustus 2015


Hi guys..

in this post, i want to introduce my new friend. she is my classmate in 3 senior high school. so, here you go~

her name is Lora Purnama Maulani, but i call her Lora, she was born in Majalengka, 27th of April 2000. she is in the same age with me. her father's name is Muhammad Yuyun Istakori, he work in an insurance. her mother is a housewife, her name is Kotimah. same with me, Lora is the last child in her family, but the different is, she has 2 older brothers. the oldest is working in a bank and the other is still study

her hobbies are listening to music, reading, and playgames. her favorite singer is one direction, especially Niall. her favorite colour is black and white. and she likes traveling too.

she has been living in Bandung since she was in elementary school. she went to SDN Nilem bandung. after she graduated, she continuing her school in 13 junior high school.

now, she is a student in 3 senior high school, in the same class with me. she wants to continue her study in ITB or UNPAD, she wants to study in other country, and travel the world.

okay, that's all i know about my new friend. if you want toknow more about her, check on

thank you for reading~

Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2015



My full name is Cendy Caesarianty F. H. But you can call me Cendy. I'm fifteen years old, i was born in Batam, on January 4th, 2000. I live in Bandung. I had finish my kindergarden in TK Muthmainnah, and i continioud my school in SDN Mohamad Toha 1 Bandung, after 6 years, i moved to 7 Junior High School. But now i already started to study in 3 Senior High School.

I am the last child in my family, i have two sisters. The oldest is Caesilia, she was graduated from Padjajaran University, and my older sister is Cherise she is a student in 20 Senior high school. My father is Handyman Tanzil, he is a private employee, and my mother is Imas Arumsari, she is a housewife.

My hobies are reading (mostly novel), listening to music, and swimming. My favorite music is pop. For your information, when i was in elementary school, i was very afraid of swimming, but now i like swimming, maybe because when i was in junior high school i practiced every week.

I like astronomi, but i think it just for hobby, until now i still dont know about my dream, and what i want to be. So i just want to have a good mark in my school, so i can be accepted in the best university.

My daily activity is just going to school, study, have course, and go home.but sometimes i have an extraculicular in my school. When i have spare time, i ussualy stayed at home, especially in my room, i just play my gadget, surfing on the internet or sometimes read a book.

I think that’s all about me

Thank you :)

btw, in this photo, i'm the one who wear glasses