Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2015

a simple chat

now i want to post my simple chat with my friend, Erin.

Erin       : "hi Cendy"
Cendy   : "oh, hi Erin! i never thought you'll come"
Erin       : "of course i will come to Angklung Performance"
Cendy   : "haha. so, how was it? what do you think of it?"
Erin       : "it was amazing! you and your groupmates played really great! and all of it was                                     syncronized"
Cendy   : "thank you, Erin! we practiced this piece for a month"
Erin       : "wow! that's amazing!"
Cendy   : " anywas, you look aweome with that shirt and the leather jacket"
Erin       :"thank's a lot Cendy"
Cendy   :" by the way, i've got to go now, the team is holding an after party"
Erin       : "okay, enjoy the party"
Cendy   : "thank's. see you later"
Erin       : " see you"

sorry, that i know it is just a very short chat.

than you for reading~~