Minggu, 17 Januari 2016

My Holiday!

i want to tell you about my holiday. enjoy!

this holiday is my first holiday since i study in SMAN 3 Bandung. the holiday began when my friends and i took our report card. fortunately my score was good enough, so, i didn't have to studyed at school on my holiday.  my holiday is almost 3 weeks 24th December 2015 until 10th January 2016. but, i didn't have any plans. i thought that i would stay at home, or went to my grandmother's house or hanged out with my friends.

so, first day on my holiday i just stayed at home. but, evidently my cousin from Batam came to Bandung. the last time i saw her was when i was 2 years old. so, i didn't remember her face. she said that she studied in Jakarta and she wanted to visit Bandung. so, she came alone. because of my cousin had not meet our big family . so, we brought her to visit them. 

i was very happy because my father came too from Pontianak.

the second day since my cousin came, we went to my grand mother's house in Ciwidey. we stayed there for 1 night. the next day, we went to my grandmother's father's grave. after that, we went to my grand father's grave in Cianjur. next, we went to Karawang and Jakarta to visit our family.

i think this was the busiest holiday because i had to bought some stuff for my sister. she would moving to Jakarta because she got her job there. and i had to went to Jakarta too.

my cousin in Bandung for about 1 week. after that, she went back to Batam. 

the last week on my holiday i took a course. and practiced angklung in KPA SMAN 3 Bandung.
on 10th January 2016 the holiday was over, so i have to go to school again.

thank's for reading~